Key Stage One


Years 1 and 2

Year AYear B
HistoryEvents beyond living memory of significance- (Great fire of London, Gunpowder plot)


Significant Individuals- Mary Seacole/ Florence Nightingale, Neil Armstrong, Henry Viii, Elizabeth 1,


Local significant individuals- Wainwright, Wordsworth, Eddie Stobbart.


Local festivals and traditions (e.g.) crab fair


Changes in Britain since 1950- transport, toys, food and eating, schools


Changes locally since 1900- growth as a village


Historical buildings locally choose from: Hadrian’s wall, Florence Mine, Muncaster Castle, Workington Hall, Rum Story



GeographyThe world around us- continents, oceans and the UK


Our locality- human and physical features of the village/ West Cumbria


Another locality -human and physical features of a village/ town in Africa (or) South America


Weather and Climate in the UK and the world- severe weather in the UK and around the world


Compass directions- 4 points and directional language


Maps – human and physical features, create own simple map with symbols. Study of school grounds and village.


Religious EducationChristianity- Old Testament stories

Local church focus

Sikhism- what do they believe? Daily life? Festivals and worship

Thoughts about God

Christianity- stories Jesus told/ stories about Jesus

Celebrations for marriage, birth, death, significant celebrations in other religions

Respecting religions/ collaboration

Computingtyping- use of a keyboard, word processing skills

How do devices work? ( bee-bots)

Art- making pictures/ collages


online safety

typing- use of a keyboard- word processing skills

simple programming on and off screen including scratch/ purple mash

Design TechnologyDesign, make and evaluate:

Bridges ( over a Lake District river)

A boat which will float

A healthy snack/s

Design, make and evaluate:

A vehicle/ toy which moves

A castle with a drawbridge

Clothing which is waterproof




Working Scientifically is through-out

Plants- structure and names


Animals including humans – names and body parts


Everyday materials


Light sources




Seasonal changes

Living things and their habitats


Plants- conditions for growing


Animals including humans – health and growth


Uses of everyday materials




Seasonal changes


PSHEPeople who help us- including emergency services

Keeping ourselves safe

Keeping healthy- food and fitness

Looking after animals

Respecting differences

Who are special people to us

Money matters

Our community/ school

Making the right choices


Being environmentally friendly

Art and Design Sketching-  Our locality

Painting-  Self portraits

Collage- Seasonal link (e.g.) Autumn

Printing- fruits and vegetables

shadows and colour

3D modelling- salt dough

Artist focus: ‘people’ or ‘landscapes’

Sketching-  Our school

Painting- beach habitat/ patterns from nature

Collage- beach habitat

Printing- Seasonal link ( leaves)

3D modelling- paper mache

Artist focus: ‘nature’ or ‘water’





Learn 5 songs and perform to an audience

Use percussion instruments which can be hit, plucked or shaked- choose appropriate ones


Learn and discuss volume, pitch and tempo- explore tuned instruments

Pictorial representation / notation for composed pieces

Listen to music from different time periods and discuss this, creating own similar pieces

Learn 5 songs and perform to an audience


Use percussion instruments which can be hit, plucked or shaked- choose appropriate ones


Listen to music with different genres- discuss and create own similar pieces

Pictorial representation / notation for composed pieces

Make own musical instruments


Key Stage 1 – hours per year

SubjectHours per year ( minimum)
Physical Education78
Design Technology15