Flimby School Curriculum

teacher and three pupils

We believe that the children of Flimby Primary School are special and we offer them a large range of experiences and opportunities.

We have designed a curriculum for the children of Flimby Primary School, which allows them to acquire skills and knowledge in each national curriculum subject area. All subjects are covered and there is consistency across the school allowing pupils to demonstrate progress in learning.

The curriculum is designed to introduce pupils to a range of experiences both within and beyond the local environment. It is designed to deepen pupils thinking skills and develop their speaking and listening skills. The school supplements core teaching with music and PE specialists allowing pupils the highest quality experience.

In order to enhance provision and raise pupil aspiration we provide:

  • Concerts for parents and the community.
  • Participation in national events.
  • Sports competitions with other schools for all age ranges.
  • Visit out of school including two key stage 2 residentials.
  • Links with other schools through joint school councils and one off events.
  • Raising cultural awareness by bringing visitors in to share their cultures and life experiences.

The school runs a minimally charged breakfast club and at the end of the day offers a range of after school activities.

Flimby children are a credit to the school and we believe the curriculum intent matches their needs.

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