Absence and Lates Procedure

Late / Absence Procedures

Attendance at school is vital for all children, not just for academic reasons but also for the social skills they develop mixing with a variety of their peers and adults and the experiences offered to them beyond the curriculum.

It is important your child attends school regularly and on time. We appreciate illness cannot be helped but holidays in term time are not beneficial to the academic achievement of your child.

Arriving late (after 9.00 am) to schools means your child is classed absent for a morning and this negatively impacts on their attendance. We monitor attendance weekly. Class attendance is celebrated in our Golden Time Assembly. Children falling below 95% attendance are classes as persistent absentees and this can result in the involvement of the School Inclusion Team, fines for parents and, in the worst case scenarios, parental custodial sentences.

Half-termly we send a text to the parents of those children who fall below 95% for the term to date to advise them of this and that their child is being monitored.

Half-termly you receive a newsletter advising your of your child’s attendance for that half term and the possible consequences of low attendance continuing, or congratulating you and your child on their good attendance.

School Attendance Information Leaflet

Please refer to the government website below for more information: